Thursday, 12 April 2012

My autobiography

My name is Sebastián Humberto Belmar Ahonzo. I was born in Santiago. My birthday is on 23 September and i am 19 years old. I am the thirst of three brothers.
I lived in La Calera when i was a child and  i studied in Quillota in Instituto Rafael Ariztía. Before, when i was three years old, i was going to kindergarten. His name is Los Pelusitas and stay in La Calera. Here i made my first friends of my life.
In my school i did much activities: sports, music and others. Here i did my favorite hobbies. I played in soccer selection team of my school and participate in a school band playing the bass.
I lived in La Calera because my father worked in a supermarket of the city. My mother is housewife. 

Actually i live in Santiago because i study Public Administration in Universidad de Chile. I live in apartment with one of my brothers who also study in my university. He studies economy.

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