Thursday, 14 June 2012

Los Tetas

Hello everybody.
In this week i went to see and enjoy the music of a Chilean band. They split up in 2004 and they met to play again last year. This was important for me because is of my favorites Chileans bands and I like the funk music. I'm talking about Los Tetas.

Los Tetas was born in 1994 and his genre music is funk. They have a black music influence and you can listen this in part of songs.  The members of band are four. The guitarist is Cristian Moraga more famous about C-Funk. The vocalist is Camilo Cataldi (Tea Time), the bassist “Rulo” and drummer “Pepino”.
In their first stage they made three studio albums: “Mama Funk”, “La Medicina” and “Tómala”.

Here you can see a great song of this band. I think is the most popular: Cha Cha Cha.

I’m very happy with Los Tetas return and I hope to go see them another time. They will publish a new studio album this year and I’m sure it will be the best.