Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hello. Today I’m going to write about of the most important city for me, where I grew up and live my childhood: La Calera.
My city is located in Quillota province, Valparaíso region, Chile. Is near of Santiago. The distance between two points is one hundred eighteen kilometres.

Its name comes of the lime mineral. In this city extract to the mine this mineral and give the name. La Calera means limestone mine.
The town to go the Aconcagua river.
The commune have 50503 population according to census and is very small because is a surface of sixty square metres.
The mayor is Eduardo Martinez who was town councillor previously. He is politically active of DC, but was chosen councillor when he to belong of other politic alliance.

The most famous institution of La Calera is its professional soccer team: Unión La Calera. This soccer team plays in the first division and play in Nicolás Chahuán stadium. This stadium is the most beautiful around the world.
Another important institution is Liceo Industrial. This school is the older of La Calera and actually to impart five specializations.

I need more time for speak of my city but I hope speak them another time.

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